Dear Princess Celestia,
Today I learned how to defeat the training dummy

Collective Training Unit - FightingIsMagic training mode

Fighting Is Magic is a fan-made 2D fighting game based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. There is currently no official "training mode" for FiM, and the developers so far have not expressed interest in creating one. So, CTU was created to act as a sort of training-mode. While you can already enable "HitJudge" to help a bit with training, CTU tries to offer more features.


Latest version: version 0.1 - 18 Sep 2012


First, you need a copy of Fighting Is Magic. FiM hasn't been released yet, but a pre-release build for Evo 2012 was leaked in mid-2012. I won't link to it here, but you can find it by googling around pretty easily.

To "install" CTU, just copy the CTU exe to the same folder where FightingIsMagic.exe is, and run the CTU exe. Currently this has only been tested with the leaked Evo 2012 build, and I have no idea if it works at all with anything else. I assume it will need to be tweaked when different versions are made available.

The CTU executable must be in the same directory as FiM, and the FiM executable must be called FightingIsMagic.exe. If nothing appears when you run CTU, then one of those things is probably not right. You don't really get any information or error messages if something is wrong. Yeah, it's annoying, I know.

How to use

When you run CTU, it will launch FiM. Choose a character, and then choose the character for the training dummy; CTU automatically makes the player 1 controls start to control player 2, for choosing a character. The "match" will then start, and you'll notice the little window for info on the right will start to fill in with actual values.

To change various settings, press whatever your "pause" key is during the fight. These should be self-explanatory, or at least easy to figure out with some experimentation.



Non-features and missing features

Developer information

The source is over here. The "build system" actually requires Linux and a MinGW compiler, because I barely ever use Windows. If you want to compile on Windows, feel free to send me a patch or something to make doing so easier. Just running 'make' on Linux will work if everything expected is installed. Just try looking around the Makefile for more details.

Contact information

Email: u.numbernumber at Feel free to send me bugs, patches, crits, ideas, whatever. I am not associated with Mane6 or Hasbro in any way.